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Yohandel and Daniel: DOMA Threatens Young Love

Dec 6, 2012 – Ever since they first locked eyes across a South Beach dance floor, Yohandel and Daniel knew they were meant to be together.

Mike Honda’s statement in support of Judy & Karin

Aug 16, 2012 – Congressman Mike Honda speaks out in support of DOMA Project participants Judy Rickard and Karin Bogiolo

Alfonso & Brian – Univision 14 Interview (Spanish)

Aug 5, 2012 – Brian & Alfonso, interview with Univision 14 (Spanish)

Fred & Mark: Married But Not Equal

Jul 31, 2012 – Mark & Frédéric and Lavi Soloway are featured in Married But Not Equal segment of PBS In The Life Media documentary on DOMA. (Mark & Frédéric appear in the 17:40 through 20:41 segment.)

Interview: Lavi Soloway, Judy Rickard

Jul 16, 2012 – Marilyn Pittman interviews Judy Rickard, author of Torn Apart, and Lavi Soloway on her show, Out In The Bay.

The Fight Continues For Jackie & Gloria

Jun 06, 2012 – Every day in this country, thousands of legally married lesbian and gay couples, like Jackie and Gloria, fight for something most of us take for granted: the simple right to be together.

Gloria & Jackie On ABC News

May 8, 2012 – Senator Kerry Calls On Obama Administration Not To Deny Green Card Petition Filed By Jackie & Gloria

Jackie & Gloria On CBS News

May 6, 2012 – Senator Kerry calls on Obama Administration not to deny green card petition filed by Jackie & Gloria

Brian & Alfonso On ABC News

Mar 22, 2012 – ABC: judge postpones deportation for married gay couple who filed green card petition

Brian & Alfonso Featured On KTVU

Mar 21, 2012 – KTVU San Francisco features report on Brian and Alfonso’s fight against DOMA Deportation.

Brian & Alfonso’s Fight Against DOMA

Mar 18, 2012 – Brian & Alfonso fight DOMA deportation in San Francisco Immigration Court on March 22, after more than a decade together

John & Shaun Fight To Be Together

Mar 7, 2012 – Binational gay couple urges President Obama “Don’t let DOMA destroy our marriage”

CNN: Andrew Sullivan

Apr 21, 2012 – Andrew Sullivan on his struggle to become an American

Surprise Advance In DOMA Litigation

Apr 5, 2012 – Lavi Soloway, interviewed by the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Obama DOJ surprises, refuses to defend DOMA on rational basis, a major evolution in its litigation posture.

A Valentine’s Day Special

Feb 14, 2012 – Gregory and Guillermo travel to Philadelphia to meet with Brian and Anton, a binational married couple, on the eve of a very important interview. By The Other Half of the Orange.

CNN Interviews Mark & Frédéric

Jan 17, 2012 – CNN interviews Mark Himes and Frédéric Deloizy about their green card case and their fight against DOMA.

Mark & Frederic On CNN

Jan 14, 2012 – CNN features Mark and Fred, binational couple with four children, who applied for a green card as they fight DOMA

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