Our collaboration, ‘Love Stories: Binational Couples on the Front Lines Against DOMA,’ produced by Lavi Soloway and Brynn Gelbard for The DOMA Project and The DeVote Campaign is a series of short films. The series feature LGBT families from across America who are asserting their equality by petitioning for green cards based on their marriages and demanding that the U.S. government treat them no differently than opposite sex couples under federal law. They are opening up about their personal struggles under the Defense of Marriage Act to shine a spotlight on this prejudicial law and end it, all the while ensuring their experiences are properly archived as history that should be learned from and never repeated.

Enzo (U.S./Argentina) and Andres (Uruguay)
Brooklyn, NY: In 1996, Andres received the highest rank that a Mormon missionary could achieve because he was an expert on promoting the Proclamation of the Family, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Now, he is on another mission — to educate people on the different types of families, rooted in love and all deserving of equality, including the right for his husband, Enzo, to sponsor him for a green card, like any other binational couple in the United States

Catriona and Cathy and children (U.S./Ireland – Ireland)
Boulder, CO: Cathy and Catriona met in 2006 while trekking in the Himalayas. Now mothers to a son from Guatemala and two daughters from Haiti, they were devastated earlier this year when Cathy’s second work visa was denied. All they knew was that they would do anything to keep their family together despite the unjust Defense of Marriage Act that threatens to tear them apart. Cathy and Caitriona married in May, 2012. Their green card application can only be approved if DOMA is struck down by the Supreme Court.

Becky (U.S.) and Sanne (Netherlands)
Asheville, NC: Becky and Sanne first met while traveling around India several years ago. Though able to live freely in The Netherlands, the first country in the world to grant full marriage rights to same sex spouses, they are raising their 2-year-old daughter, Willow, in Asheville, North Carolina, near the family, mountains, and community they love. By sharing their story, they hope to publicize the plight of binational couples while promoting a world in which Willow never has to suffer discrimination for having two moms.

Yohandel (U.S./Cuba) and Daniel (Mexico)
Miami, FL: Ever since they first locked eyes across a South Beach dance floor, Yohandel and Daniel knew they were meant to be together. Following their wedding in early 2012, Daniel overstayed his visa to remain in the U.S. with his husband, knowing the risks and sacrifices it entailed. Yohandel, a Cuban immigrant, contrasts the breach of civil rights inherent in the Defense of Marriage Act with the free U.S. his father told him about before moving to this country.

Ariana (U.S./Colombia) and Diana (Colombia)
Brooklyn, NY: Ariana and Diana met over a decade ago through the Latina lesbian community while living in San Francisco. At the time, Diana was simply looking for sanctuary after enduring tremendous violence, both anti-gay and otherwise, in her home country. Now married and the mothers of 2-year-old Gabriela, they dread the thought of their family being torn apart because of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Judy (U.S.) and Karin (U.K.)
San Jose, CA: Judy and Karin first met on an online lesbian-dating site over seven years ago. Self-proclaimed golden girls, they have become outspoken activists for immigration rights for binational same sex couples, having been featured on MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts. Judy is the author of Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law.

The Fight Continues For Jackie & Gloria

Jun 06, 2012 – Every day in this country, thousands of legally married lesbian and gay couples, like Jackie and Gloria, fight for something most of us take for granted: the simple right to be together.

Brian & Alfonso’s Fight Against DOMA

Mar 18, 2012 – Brian & Alfonso fight DOMA deportation in San Francisco Immigration Court on March 22, after more than a decade together

John & Shaun Fight To Be Together

Mar 7, 2012 – Binational gay couple urges President Obama “Don’t let DOMA destroy our marriage”



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