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We will continue to fight for all marriage-based green card cases filed by lesbian and gay binational couples to be held in abeyance, and not denied.* We will continue to advocate for the fair application of prosecutorial discretion guidelines in cases involving spouses and partners of lesbian and gay Americans facing deportation, and for a moratorium on all such deportations until the fate of DOMA has been resolved. Deportations that threaten to tear apart our families must be stopped and all binational couples must be protected until DOMA has been repealed by Congress or struck down by the Supreme Court.


With your help we will be able to continue to aggressively ramp up our campaign to challenge the cruel impact of DOMA on all binational couples including those who are facing imminent threat of deportation, those who live in constant fear of separation, those who are already forced to live in separate countries and those who have been forced into exile. The fight for full equality can only be achieved by mobilizing our most valuable resource: our own personal stories. Your financial support makes it possible for more couples participate in this campaign.

Every dollar raised supports the fight to keep all binational lesbian and gay couples together in this country while we work to educate and continue the momentum toward an end to federal marriage inequality.

Your tax-deductible, charitable contribution, made through our fiscal sponsor Love Honor Cherish Foundation, goes directly to fund the campaign to stop the deportations, separations, and exile of lesbian and gay binational couples. Your donation will help us build public support through a co-ordinated media strategy and will defray costs related to legal filings that are at the heart of our education campaign.

All legal services are provided on a pro bono basis. For updates on our project, see


*The DOMA Project strongly recommends that lesbian and gay binational couples refrain from filing marriage-based “green card” petition or related petitions/applications without first obtaining expert legal advice from attorneys specializing in LGBT immigration issues and DOMA. Filing such petitions/applications may disqualify the foreign partner/spouse from certain non-immigrant status/visas in the future and could result in deportation/removal from the United States. Please contact us if you have any questions at

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