The DOMA Project Participation

We invite potential DOMA project participants to contact us if they are same-sex binational couples who are married (or planning to marry) and who want to join our campaign to celebrate an end to discrimination in immigration law.

Any binational couples considering marriage should reach out to The DOMA Project or a qualified attorney or an appropriate gay rights organization to discuss the potential consequences for eligibility for non-immigrant visas and to address other immigration related concerns. To learn more about our DOMA Project, contact us. Your story is a vital part of winning this struggle.

What should our story say? What should we share?

Your story intended for publishing on our site should be 2-3 paragraphs long. How you share your story is entirely up to you. Here are some suggestions that we feel make for a fuller story for the readers:

  • Tell us how you and your spouse/partner met, fell in love, and decided that you wanted to spend the rest of your life together. Introduce the reader to how the two of you were introduced to one another.
  • Describe the sacrifices you’ve made as a couple to be together or to see one another.
  • Share how DOMA impacted your life and the uncertainty it created.
  • Share what life will be like now that DOMA has been struck down and same-sex couples are able to be recognized as spouses! What are your plans for the future? Will you now be able to live together in the US?
  • Provide pictures or videos: images help establish an emotional connection between you and the readers, making it easier to relate to personal stories.


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