Claus and Tom: The DOMA Project Participants Celebrate Hard-won Equality


In what has become a joyous post-DOMA reality, USPS delivered a green card to yet another happy same-sex binational couple: Claus Andersbo and Tom Bercu of Los Angeles. Claus – originally from Denmark – and Tom – a U.S. citizen – had filed for the green card for Claus based on their marriage in anticipation of the Defense of Marriage Act being struck down by the Supreme Court. They were scheduled for their green card interview and attended it in May this year.

During the interview their immigration attorney, Lavi Soloway, had argued that their green card application should be put on hold pending the Supreme Court ruling on DOMA. After the Supreme Court ruling striking down DOMA at the end of June, it didn’t take long for Tom and Claus to learn that their green card was granted and was in the process of being made and mailed to them. Claus Andersbo is only the fourth immigrant in the nation to be granted a green card based on his marriage to his same-sex spouse.

Today, the DOMA Project participants, Claus and Tom can celebrate their hard-won equality, with the green card in hand. Tomorrow, we expect further joyous news from many more gay and lesbian binational couples: fighting to stay in the U.S. with their families, to reunite with their loved ones, and to be able to travel and work freely at last.

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