Young Love Forced into Exile: Jodi and Amanda Speak Out Against DOMA Exile

Amanda & Jodi

We should have the rights of any other person. We should not be excluded.

Hi, I am Jodi.  My partner, Amanda, and I met online two years ago through a virtual game site called Habbo Hotel. There, we both entered a ‘dating room’ for bisexual, lesbian, and gay teenagers. I had been in the room many times before, Amanda however had not. The dating world was new to both of us and meeting online seemed strange at the time considering all the bad stories and press about it.

Eventually, we exchanged emails and Amanda made a Skype account especially to talk to me.  Our main problem was that she was in Miami, FL, and I was in Scotland.  So time differences and an ocean made a relationship seem too hard but we gave it a try. And it was worth it!

Amanda and Jodi

Our first day together

In the present day, Amanda and I are together.  We live with my mother in the U.K. while saving up for a house for ourselves.  Amanda is also an Irish citizen so she’s okay in the U.K. but she misses home.  We both know well that our hearts are set on living in the U.S. However, I cannot live in the U.S. since DOMA prevents the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.  Thus, an American citizen like Amanda cannot sponsor her spouse for a green card.  However, like the many binational couples involved with The DOMA Project, we are determined to make that change and very soon.  As the polls show that nearly 60% of Americans support equal marriage rights for lesbian and gay couples, the time for marriage equality is now.

Amanda & Jodi Miami

It’s so tragic to see couples torn apart from their loved ones. I’ve heard so many stories of men and women having to leave their homes in the U.S. so they can be with their partner in the U.K. or another country. It really is disgraceful and something needs to be done.  By sharing our story, we’re doing just that.  Our stories help challenge others to realize that we are human beings and we should have as much rights as they do.  Even though we are young, we realize this, so I’m sure that many older and wiser people will eventually see this and let us live our lives peacefully in the U.S.

I will raise as much awareness as possible, and please if you can try and spread the word too.  We are human, nothing more or less.  We expect nothing less than equality.

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