May 7, 1996: The Day DOMA Was Born


17 Years Ago Today DOMA was Introduced in Congress

17 Years Ago Today DOMA Was Introduced In Congress.

Since it was signed into law by President Clinton it has caused immeasurable harm to lesbian and gay Americans and our families. It has destroyed marriages, torn apart families, depeleted savings, forced us to defer plans to start families, to buy a home, start a business or pursue our education. DOMA has robbed us of years of our lives, it has left us poorer, unable to care for our families, forced into exile, separated from those we love, living in fear of a deportation, hiding in a double closet and enduring a constant, crippling burden of stress that few relationships could survive.

And yet we are still here, tens of thousands of lesbian and gay binational couples, DOMA WARRIORS all of us, not waiting, but fighting. Not sitting on the sidelines, but joining a movement made by us for us. We have empowered each other, and we have created a supportive environment to share our stories and lift ourselves up. DOMA has destroyed much, but our love endures.

We have fought this fight for love, and we will win.

Keep up the fight every day until DOMA is gone and we have achieved full equality for our families. Do not give up and do not give in. Share your story ([email protected]) and donate at a level you can afford to The DOMA Project at and love will win in the end.


  • Sharon Stubbs

    Doma –pray Supreme Court finds within deep soul to make things right for so many families that have suffered and fought through this painful period in their life!!!!

    May 12, 2013
  • TJ Vance

    I to this day cannot understand gays in this country, the supposed land of the free, still do not have equal rights. They take their tax money just like straight people, should they not have the same laws and restriction, as well as lack of restrictions? I am not gay, but I stand by the side of all gay and lesbian people, of all nations. I am your ally until I die. Love is one of our most base emotions, no matter what sex it is given to, no one should have the right to limit love. Until all of us are free, none of us are free.

    June 12, 2013
  • [...] and enduring a constant, crippling burden of stress that few relationships could survive,” says The DOMA Project [...]

    June 19, 2013
  • Monica M

    How ironic. I was looking up my birth date (May 7th, 1996) and I found this. Quite unusual, I never heard of the “DOMA Project” or anything related to it. However, I must say I am a straight female so none of this applies to me but I hope that everybody will receive peace of mind and that everybody will have equal opportunity, free of discrimination. I may not be homosexual but I don’t agree with people sticking their nose into people’s private life, with that being said if the gays want to marry let them (no offense to any one reading this). Every one deserves the right to love who they want. As for me, 5/7/96 is my birthday so not only will I turn 18 as of this year, so will this so called “DOMA Section 3″.

    February 1, 2014

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