55 Days Left In Our Advocacy Campaign: Let’s Share Stories of 55 More Binational Couples to Defeat DOMA in the Court of Public Opinion


55 days until Supreme Court rules on DOMA. Act now to win the future!

We are looking for binational couples to join our campaign. Your story is a vital part of winning this struggle.

What should our story say? What should we share?

How you share your story is entirely up to you. Here are some suggestions that we feel make for a fuller story for the readers:

  • Tell us how you and your spouse/partner met, fell in love, and decided that you wanted to spend the rest of your life together.
  • Describe the sacrifices you’ve made as a couple to be together or to see one another.
  • Share how DOMA has affected your life. What would your future be like if you were treated the same as any other married couple?
  • Provide pictures or videos: images help establish an emotional connection between you and the readers, making it easier to relate to personal stories.

Your testimonials, videos, photographs will help us put discrimination into terms that everyone can understand: its cruel impact on individual couples and families. Anyone interested in getting involved to help raise awareness of the impact of DOMA on binational couples should contact us at [email protected] or via our contact form. All information received will be confidential.

Binational couples who are currently in separate countries and binational couples living abroad are welcome. Couples who want to participate without revealing their full names or other identifying information are also welcome, however, all couples are invited to write their stories in first-person voice or using first names only.  All stories submitted will be edited and reviewed by The DOMA Project Team including our attorneys and returned to you for final approval before posting.  All questions should be directed to [email protected]


  • Howard

    If DOMA is overturned end of June, still will take at least 9 months to receive a fiance visa interview. In a desperate situation, what list of countries are available to reside in temporarily at least until the time of the interview. Specifically countries nearest the United States that accept both US and Bangladeshi citizens.

    May 10, 2013
    • The DOMA Project

      Such questions must be addressed to us at [email protected] as we cannot entertain questions in the comments section of these posts. Thank you.

      May 13, 2013

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