Nancy Pelosi and 82 Members of Congress Again Urge Obama Administration to Stop DOMA Deportations

Lavi Soloway’s statement on behalf of The DOMA Project:

“I commend Leader Pelosi and the other members for keeping the Obama administration’s feet to the fire on this.

Last summer the administration assured us that its kinder, gentler deportation policy would protect all families including LGBT families, but DHS has steadfastly refused to put that inclusive language in writing and has backtracked on that promise explicitly.

Rather than issuing written instructions to the field that gay and lesbian binational couples are “family relationships” to be valued and protected in the deportation context, the administration clarified only that only their “ties to the community” were relevant.

DHS’ refusal to confirm in writing that the prosecutorial discretion guidelines are meant to keep LGBT families together continues to send mixed messages to deportation officers, Immigration Judges and Immigration and Customs Enforcement prosecutors who have the discretion to protect our families and stop deportations. These mixed messages confuse officers in the field and leave LGBT families without protection.”

Read Chris Geidner’s full report here and see more reporting on the Pelosi letter at The Hill.

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  • Janice

    Keep up the pressure everyone! Our victory is in sight!

    August 2, 2012

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